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What makes us unique

Leading Learning Ltd is an educational consultancy company that offers school improvement and educational sector transformation strategies to State Governments, International Agencies, NGOs & Private Schools owners.

Our Mission

To provide all-encompassing support to all educational offices in their delivery of good quality education to students in a manner that ensures the students finish with options for a better living in the future.

Our Commitment to Educational Transformation

We are committed to the transformation of teachers’ and learners’ psyche; we do this by focusing on the improvement of the teaching, leadership, and strategic intent implementation of the schools and we offer personalised advice to move them forward.

Our International partnerships & Global Best Practices

Over the years, we have built a network of professional partners across continents including countries in North America, Africa, and Europe to help us deliver top quality service delivery to our clientele and sharpen our research on effective practices in education.

More Than
20+ Years

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School Leadership & operations management % 98
Policy planning & Strategy Implementation % 90
Curriculum Development & Delivery % 95
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